Carousel anything - Addon WPBakery Page Builder - Changelog

2021 - July - 07
improvement Core 1.4.6
improvement style of Metabox
improvement minor Style
improvement minor Style of text box
improvement minor Javascript

2021 - June - 07
improvement Core 1.4.5
improvement Security
improvement minor Style
improvement minor Javascript
bug-fix minor CSS
bug-fix minor Javascript

2021 - May - 13
improvement Verify Purchase Code
improvement Core
improvement Welcome Page
improvement minor Javascript
improvement minor CSS
bug-fix minor CSS
bug-fix minor Javascript

2021 - Apr - 08
feature Password field
improvement Core 1.4.3
improvement compatible with WP 5.7
improvement minor Javascript
improvement style About page
bug-fix minor CSS
bug-fix minor Javascript

2021 - Mar - 18
improvement minor Javascript
improvement minor CSS
bug-fix minor CSS
bug-fix minor Javascript

2021 - Mar - 08
feature Hover style in admin
feature Lib tippy js
improvement Core 1.4.2
improvement minor JS

2021 - Feb - 08
feature Clipboard Function
feature About Class
improvement Core 1.4.1
improvement minor CSS for component
bug-fix minor CSS

2021 - Jan - 25
feature link to Support and Guide for about-page in backend
improvement Style for about-page in back-end
improvement  Core version 1.4.0
bug-fix minor css

2021 - Jan - 06
improvement style button in admin panel
improvement html-Dom Class to 1.9.1
improvement  Core version

2020 - Dec - 11
improvement style for about page
improvement style for settings page
improvement  Core version 1.3.9
bug-fix javascript button delete
bug-fix javascript button add

2020 - Oct - 17
improvement  Core version 1.3.8
improvement  UI
bug-fix  Compatible with WP 5.5.1
bug-fix  Compatible with Colorpicker

2020 - Aug - 12
improvement  Core v1.3.7
improvement  Style form in plugins settings
improvement  Update items in about-page
bug-fix  Conflict CSS with WPB

2020 - July - 29
improvement Core v1.3.6
improvement Tab navigation for Option settings page
improvement "About" page
bug-fix Minor javascript

2020 - June - 03
improvement Performance javascript
improvement Shortcode slide
improvement Shortcode vcuc

2020 - May - 20
feature Add new shortcode
feature Get data shortcode

2020 - May - 7
feature Add cssEase attribute for slides
feature CSS transition-timing-function Property
feature Css frontend

2020 - April - 13
feature Css fontend
feature Position dots top left
feature Position dots top right
feature Position dots button left
feature Position dots button right

2020 - march - 31
feature dots position
improvement interface
improvement CSS frontend

2020 - February - 27
feature Border button
improvement Respond To
improvement Mobile-First options
improvement Use Transform
improvement Z Index

2020 - February - 11
improvement Color button hover
feature Adaptive Height
feature Autoplay
feature Center Mode
feature Draggable

2020 - January - 30
improvement Api about page
feature Respond To
feature Mobile-First options
feature Colors move previous/next buttons when hover

2020 - January - 17
feature Effect button
feature Wait For Animate
feature Speed
feature Direction of motion
improvement Rows for contents

2020 - January - 03
feature Position Button
feature Pause On Dots Hover
feature Rows for contents
feature Slides To Show
feature Variable

2019 - December - 16
feature Color
feature Style Dost
improvement Options dropdown
improvement Options Accessibility
improvement Options LazyLoad

2019 - December - 02
feature Style Button
feature Color Icon (Button)
feature Css filtering content
feature Extra class name
improvement Options for form Carousel

2019 - November - 18
feature Color Dost
feature Options for form Carousel
feature CSS Options form
feature Filtering content Carousel

2019 - November - 01
feature Documentation
feature Css for form Carousel
feature Js for form Carousel Slider
feature Js for event change content

2019 - October - 03
improvement Color button
improvement Slider Carousel
improvement Input color picker
bug-fix Addon WP Bakery

2018 - September - 05
feature Color button
feature Input color picker
feature Customize the next slider button color
feature Customize the previous slider button color
feature Addon WP Bakery
feature Shortcode Carousel

2018 - August - 02
feature Style button next
feature Style button previous
feature Form
feature Slider Carousel

2018 - Sep - 4
feature Init.